A Fatal mix of Nicotine and Birth control pills

Women of all ages and from all walks of life take birth control pills. They consume these pills not only to prevent conception but also to reduce the severity of cramping. Women taking Birth control pills are secure but smoking while taking these pills can cause hazardous problems. Blend of Nicotine and Birth control pills adversely affects the health and can even kill you. The worst thing you can do your health is smoking while taking your contraceptive pill.

There are many things that don’t blend well. Drinking and Driving does not mingle with each other. Likewise, Nicotine and Birth control pills do not mix well. The combination is vulnerable. There is not enough awareness about the seriousness of the matter. People must be aware of the risks and problems associated with this combination. The mixture can create various serious complications in women. Nicotine makes the blood cells stick together and birth control pills make your blood thicker. If consumed together can make your blood thicker and can back up in your lungs. Be very careful, as blood clots are more painful than labor pains.

We should not fly blind and consume these combinations without consulting our doctor. If your doctor is not able to give you the relevant information; it is your own responsibility for digging out. Birth Control Online provides you with all the information reading the mixture.

Birth control pills

Nicotine puts pressures on the blood vessels and leads to increased heart rate. When a woman is on the birth control pill, the effect is adverse due to the extra estrogen. The risk multiplies when nicotine is taken with birth control pills.

People are very much aware that cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Cigarettes, by themselves, can lead to multiple problems but when combine with birth control pill just worsens the situation. Anyone who smokes should be very diligent about having birth control pills as the combination can lead to heart problems. It has been proved that the probability of heartaches in woman escalates if they smoke 15 cigarettes a day while consuming birth control pills.

Nicotine and Birth control pills is a terrible combination and should not be mixed. Some Side effects of having Nicotine and Birth Control Pills are as follows:

  • The combination can lead to heart attacks, blood clots, and strokes.
  • Clot formation can arise both in the lady’s lungs and her veins.
  • Extreme pain in legs, headache for a long time, pain in the calves, abdomen or chest.
  • High Blood pressure is a very common outcome of combining birth control pill with smoking.
  • Consuming birth control pills with smoking accelerate the risk of developing gallbladder disease and vision problems.
  • This horrible combination can also result in liver tumors.

To control the reproductive health, most of the women take birth control pills. In this computing world, you can purchase everything online. Switch to Birth Control Online and explore the broadest range of birth control pills. It is quite convenient and also provides you with all the crucial information of consuming these pills.


If you are on birth control and you smoke, stop one or the other. We understand that to become an ex-smoker is the toughest job. Many people face difficulty in quitting smoking because of their addiction to nicotine. It is tough but not impossible. Some irksome things you might encounter. Within an hour of quitting smoking you might feel anxious, irritable, you might have a headache, you may feel lethargic, and trouble in sleeping (find a way to solve sleep problems for this follow the link). These symptoms may hit the peak within the first few days and lasts for about fortnight. You need to follow some doable plan to help you curb your nicotine cravings.

  • You can offer the body the small amount of nicotine by using nicotine patches and gums. These are the aids used for nicotine withdrawal.
  • Regular exercise can surpass the feeling of depression and fatigue.
  • It is recommended to sleep early and for a long duration.
  • When you crave for a cigarette, try to distract yourself by playing a game or meeting your friend. The objective is to get you away from the temptation.

Make an appropriate decision about your health and keep smiling.