Anti-Spam Policy

Birth Control Online has a strict and uncompromising anti-spam policy. We take great measures to ensure that each mailing sent from our website reaches only subscribers. We are very vigilant monitor each mailing sent from our website in order to follow this policy. Any client violating this anti-spam policy will be immediately banned.

anti-spam policy

If you have received spam-containing mailing sent from our website, please inform us at: and we will immediately take actions.

Spam, in definition by Birth Control Online, means any e-mail message, which is sent to the client, who did not sign up for newsletter in electronic or physical form. Its content violates our security policy. Birth Control Online will not send any unauthorized mailing or illegal content.

Birth Control Online Requirements

  1. E-mail addresses must be collected legally.
  2. Mailing list should not be bought.
  3. E-mail address, which mailing is performed from, must be active.
  4. Contents of massages is under our security policy.
  5. Messages coming from our website will contain link to unsubscribe from mailing list.
  6. Each user, unsubscribing from newsletter or reporting about desire not to receive e-mails, will immediately be removed from mailing list.
  7. Message can not contain advertising of third parties without consent.
  8. Mailing subject line must be true and relevant to the content.

Forbidden Content for Mailing

  • racism;
  • pornography;
  • violence;
  • offensive expressions;
  • content, propagating child abuse;
  • content, directed to children, but without parental approval;
  • content, infringing copyright or patents;
  • content, propagating gambling;
  • incitement to illegal actions;
  • content with link to illegal products.

E-mails, Acceptable for Mailing

Obtaining permission for newsletter by one of the following ways is a sign of its authorized use:

  • through subscription form on our website (best and most reliable way);
  • through any online form on our website, which has a direct question about desire to subscribe to our newsletter. On condition that a person affirmatively answered the question (put checkmark or chose right answer in the list);
  • through questionnaires, surveys and paper forms, which have a direct question about desire to subscribe to our newsletter. On condition that a person affirmatively answered the question (put checkmark, his e-mail address, said «yes, I agree», etc.).

E-mails, Unacceptable for Mailing

If an e-mail falls under one of the following signs, this is a factor to its ban for mailing:

  • there is no explicit provable permissions to use addresses for mailings;
  • e-mail address was purchased, leased or otherwise obtained from third parties (permission to use addresses in mailing lists must be received by sender only);
  • address was copied from website or stolen.

What we Indicate in our Mailings

Each letter from our newsletters has:

  • link to unsubscribe from mailing;
  • link to remove your address from mailing list;
  • our contact data;
  • your contact details will never and under no circumstances will be intentionally disclosed to any third parties for spamming.

Steps to Prevent Spam

  • constant control of mailing lists;
  • possibility of double confirmation (double opt-in) on client’s and subscriber’s side.

Daily Anti-Spam Checks

  1. We check mailing lists according to international standards.
  2. We do audits for spam detection.

Violation of Anti-Spam Policy

In case of complaints about spam or illegal content, Birth Control Online is entitled to the following actions:

  • ban customer’s account without notice to or check mailing contents;
  • send a request for approval, without consulting the client;
  • take measures to verify our website according to our security policy;
  • terminate all obligations between the two parties or to file a lawsuit.

It is important to clarify:

  • Birth Control Online does not sell database and mailing lists;
  • all mailing sent by us have link to be removed from mailing list (opt-out), which, when clicked, removes subscriber from mailing list.


anti-spam policyOur partners and clients give commitment not to send unauthorized e-mails through our service. If you find that any our customer uses our service to send spam, providing services will be stopped, and a lawsuit can be filed against him.

We appreciate and respect individual freedom of each e-mail owner and his right to receive only those news reports, he wants to see there, so adhere to these rules.

We also invite you to read our privacy policy.

If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please contact our support group via e-mail by sending description of your problem.