Birth Control Online – Preventing Pregnancy While Using Birth Control Pills

The birth control contraceptive methods are considered the most effective ways of preventing unwanted pregnancies. Before you actually get into preventing such pregnancies, it is important to understand, how these contraceptives actually work, and how your body functions on consumption of such contraceptives. Contraceptives work effectively to control childbirth; still, there are rules to follow, and understanding the more you understand how your body responds to use of contraceptives, the more insight you can get about setting yourself a time table. This Birth Control Online article shares simple steps that you can follow to prevent pregnancies while you are on Birth Control Online.

How does the birth control pill work?

The birth control contraceptives essentially work on the female ovulation cycles. That is your starting point. Understanding your body ovulation cycles will help you create a time table for yourself, and help you understand when and how to use the birth control pills.

The child birth depends upon the fertilization of the female egg within the uterus. The sperms have to pass through the cervical mucus to fertilize the female egg. If there is some way to prevent the fusion of the sperm from the male with the female egg, it would prevent the pregnancy.

Estrogen and progestin also called the combination pills are hormones that constitute the contraceptive pills chemical combination. Their main job is to thicken the cervical mucus layers and prevent the female egg from leaving the ovaries. When such hormone containing contraceptives are consumed in a particular cycle, they prevent the male sperms from fertilizing the female eggs, thus controlling unwanted pregnancies.

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Combination Pills

How Do I Start Using The Birth Control Pills?

Starting your pill from the first day or the first Sunday after the start of period is an old story. You can start taking your pills from any day of the month. Before you try choosing a particular kind of contraceptive, always consult your doctor for suggestions.

Using the Combination Pills

You can start using them anytime. What is more important to know is that how long the effect of the Birth Control Online contraceptives holds?  Knowing these simple steps in mind can make your birth control easier:-

  • 5 days after the start of periodImmediate protection and no need of backup birth control
  • Any time during the menstrual cycle – protection after 7 days and need backup birth control such as condom, diaphragms etc.

Progestin Only Pills

  • You can start using them anytime
  • In case you engage in sexual activity within 48 hours of using the pills (POP), you may need to use backup Birth Control Online to prevent pregnancy
  • Time of consumption is important. When you start your first pill, make sure you exactly note what time you consumed the first one. You need to take the subsequent pills everyday at the same time- without fail; else you will need a backup birth control.

Birth Control Pills

Some issues may come while on pill –

  • You Threw Up… Well, yeah, if you barf up your Birth Control Online pills they aren’t going to be of much use to you. I’m sorry to let you know but if you’re spewing the contents of your stomach, the night might be ruined anyhow
  • You Can’t Remember If You Took It… Another problem is that you might have taken your birth control pill or maybe you didn’t. If you are forgetting this little detail, you might have a problem if you are counting on it to work.  You need a system to help you take it such as counting how many you have taken.
  • You Just Started Taking The Pill… Sorry, again, ladies, but it needs time to do its job. The pills don’t just start working the second they’re ingested.  You have to take them regularly and get the birth control working by regularly taking your birth control pills as prescribed by a physician.

Precautions While Using Birth Control Pills

When you plan using the birth control pills, it is important that you seek regular medical advice from your doctors to prevent any side effects and future pregnancy related problems. Frequent use of Birth Control Online over a prolonged duration can have side effects and anything in excess is harmful. Consult your doctor if you have these problems:-

  • Vaginal Bleeding
  • Unusual Menstrual Cycles before using birth control contraceptives
  • History of heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Liver or digestive problems
  • High levels of cholesterol
  • Any previous surgeries
  • Depressions