Could This Contraceptive Be Considered a Better Option in Your Case?

Yes, you’ve heard it before, nonetheless it is a case of trial and error to find out whether Levlen is the best contraceptive pill for your body. Sometimes known as Alesse and other names, Levlen is a birth contraceptive pill made up of two synthetic feminine hormones, estrogen and progestin. Often prescribed for other medical ailments, Levlen is primarily intended to be utilized by women as an easy method of birth control.

Pregnancy is eliminated if an egg isn’t released from an ovary and thus cannot be caught and fertilized by a dynamic little sperm that’s managed to attain it. Levlen acts to avoid the egg getting away from its ovary and also decelerates the floating around sperm by thickening the mucous in the cervix – poor thing! Levlen makes certain that even if an egg does get fertilized with a prodigious sperm, the likelihood of it being able to implant to the womb is nearly impossible.

When do my spouse and I take Levlen and how can it be used?

As stated above, in addition to contraception, Levlen is used to take care of other female ailments, including acne, endometriosis and premenstrual complications. However, Levlen isn’t taken for an indefinite period of time for these conditions but is normally prescribed for about three months on average. Your doctor can monitor your development carefully with normal health checks if this treatment applies for your requirements and decide just how long you should be taking Levlen.

If you want to utilize Levlen as you Buy Birth Control Online ( as a technique of contraception for a reasonable amount of time, though, you need to have the essential checks first.

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Levlen pills feature a 98% success rateif you take it correctly. Since Levlen affects the levels of hormones in the body, more effective protection occurs if we take the birth control pill at the same time each day. If you take Levlen just before going to sleep and with a little food in the stomach, it is likely that any unwelcome effects you could feel will begin to disappear. A few women report a week of change, others take three months before their body gets used to the new hormone levels.

When you have not taken Levlen before, remember to make use of additional contraception for the first week while ones hormone levels change. Obviously, if one’s medical practitioner endorses using extra precautions for your first full cycle, then continue as it’s a small price to cover the greatest convenience (and satisfaction!) of being able to rely on Levlen as a contraceptive in the longer term.

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I’ve heard about nasty unwanted effects with the birth control pill – will I have them too if I take Levlen?

To begin with, many women don’t have much or any unwanted effects, but do be aware of your own body’s reactions when you initially start taking Levlen. Your changing hormone levels through your menstrual cycle affect the body anyway, so attempt to differentiate between everything you normally experience, be it bloating, mood swings, or any sort of change in the body when taking Levlen (or almost any contraceptive pill).

  • Usually, the most frequent unwanted effects will most likely fade after a couple weeks once the body gets used to working with its new levels of hormones.
  • During the initial three weeks, you could have some nausea or sweating.
  • If you should be over 35, you might find that your menstruation stops altogether OR it might be prolonged (every girl is unique).
  • Remember, we’re dealing with hormones here, so please be safe and discuss almost any persistent or worsening unwanted effects with your doctor. It can be worth some thorough trialing of birth control pills to avoid these effects.
  • If Levlen does not suit the body, have satisfaction and confidence with managing your contraception methods.

One last word – you need to KNOW that no Birth Control Online pill, including Levlen, will defend you from HIV or some other sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, people have thought that they did.

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