Facts by Birth Control Online for Pregnancy After Stopping Intake of Birth Control Pills

The birth control pills may help to avoid unwanted pregnancy for long, but as the biological clock ticks away most of the ladies want to conceive again. This is not much of a problem and Birth Control Online will help myths and misconceptions surrounding getting pregnant after stopping birth control pills.

How Birth Control Pills Work?

Birth control pills are low dose hormonal pills, which act by stopping ovulation from the ovaries by creating a hormonal imbalance in the body. The birth control pills have either both estrogen and progesterone or progestin only. If administered at different times, they stop the process of ovulation. The body jumps back to normalcy and starts ovulations again if the birth control pills are stopped. There are non-hormonal methods of control that you can use.

How is fertility affected?

Even after being on pills for years, according to figures collected by Birth Control Online, the fertility of a woman is not affected unless she has stopped ovulating at all. Sometimes it may typically some months to regain normalcy.

It has been found that the pills actually help a woman preserve her fertility by:

  • Reducing the chances of ovarian and uterine cancer.
  • Suppressing the development of endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition in which the lining of the uterus grows outside the uterine cavity causing fertility problems.
  • Helping in regulating monthly cycles to some extent. But once off the pills, the things may get back to way they were before.

How is fertility affected

What is the time duration after which pregnancy may occur?

According to the facts collected by Birth Control Online, the woman who has stopped taking birth control can become pregnant:

  • As soon as during the first menstrual cycle that she experiences.
  • If she was on birth control pills for a relatively long duration such as more than 4 to 5 years, it may take some time before her body is functioning normally again. This duration is typically 3 to 18 months long.

Generally, as soon as the effects of birth control pills wear off, the ovaries start ovulating again. Around 14th day of menstrual cycle, a woman is more likely to get pregnant.

But getting pregnant depends on other factors as well which has got nothing to concern about prolonged use of the birth control pills. The fact is that the lady using the pills has aged and the body is not as same as it used to be when birth control pills were started as a routine. Hence, pregnancy may be delayed but by only a few days to few months. Furthermore, it cannot be predicted how quickly body gets back to being normal once again. Ladies, who are in their thirties or even early forties, have been found to able to get pregnant by Birth Control Online. Though there may be fertility issues due to lifestyle and health issues.

Complications or birth defects?

Is there any possibility of complications or birth defects?

Birth Control Online has not found any case of birth defects being reported in children conceived after birth control pills had been stopped. Even if a woman had been using birth control pills just before conception, there is no increased chance of any fetal problem, congenital birth defects or even miscarriages. The birth control pills are simply pills consisting of hormones that the body of a woman naturally produces during her menstrual cycle. They only stop the ovaries from ovulating.

But even if the woman is concerned about the life in her womb, then she should increase folic acid intake in her diet. Folic acid cuts down almost all chances of birth defects and helps in smooth development of the embryo as well.

The women on birth control routine should be able to have normal menstrual periods within some weeks after they have stopped taking the pills. But there may be chances due to age, health and lifestyle issues that the periods may not return for some months also. Birth Control Online suggests seeing your obstetrics and gynaecology specialist if you continue to miss periods for more than 6 months.

When to go off the pills?

Though there is no fixed date which governs the time one should go off the pills. But panel of experts at Birth Control Online suggest that the woman should complete the batch for the current month, so that she is able to keep track of her periods.

There is one thing to keep in mind: the time a lady goes off the pill, she should mentally prepare herself to be pregnant. It may happen any time.