How do I choose condoms or birth control?

Are you confused about condoms and birth control? Which one is more effective and how does one measure the effectiveness? Many people don’t know how to deal with the two especially when they are planning to have a planned pregnancy and safe sex.

The question is thrown out probably a thousand times. It is a common thing to get trivial when asking about whether to use birth control or condoms. Birth control pills such as Yasmin, Ortho Tri-Cyclen become virally popular these days because they can prevent pregnancy.

Condoms VS birth control

Whether you use condoms or take birth control instead, totally depends on what you need with your partner. Contraception prevents pregnancy and some methods may be more effective than others.

When used properly, each method actually prevents pregnancy. However, people tend to choose pills because they work from within your body and provide results better than condoms.

Condoms vary from texture and the choice depends on personal preferences. Today, many condoms have unique features like aroma, taste and even color but the function is mainly for safe sex rather than to prevent pregnancy. Unlike condoms, birth control pills are varied depending on the active ingredients and are categorized by branded and generic drugs.

The survey

condoms or birth controlResearch on pregnancy reported that birth control pill was used by 99% of women and it worked effectively. The pill was found to have substantial benefits when taken properly. This means that fewer women proved that the pills didn’t work while most of the women proved the pill worked because they didn’t get pregnant.

Depending on the contraception you use

Many contraceptive methods actually work effectively – it’s the humans that tend to have errors such as not strictly following the instruction or forgetting to take it. The somewhat perfectly used pills may no longer be effective because of the errors.

Measuring the effectiveness

When you take pills like Yasmin, you may be measured by the chance of getting pregnant. Thus, the measurement of effectiveness is based on the chance of a woman to get her pregnancy using the method she has chosen. The use of condoms increased effectiveness up to 98%. This means that two out of every hundred will get pregnant using condoms.

Protecting from STD

birth control pill or condomWhile birth control pills may prevent pregnancy they cannot give full protection for sexually transmitted diseases like condoms can. Most of birth control methods other than condoms cannot give that full protection because they work on the inside. Hence, when this is the case, you should use condoms instead. When it comes to safe sex, people choose condoms over birth control.

Using both condoms and birth control

It is a common thing to combine birth control and condoms. It gives a more effective chance to prevent pregnancy. Although many people choose birth control pills because condoms make sexual encounters less enjoyable, the combination can have an excellent effort in birth control.

Try many methods

It takes effort to find out which birth control works for you. Using birth control may involve the hassle of switching from one method to another. You should consult with your health care doctor regarding the birth control pills you need. Do not take pills if not in moderation; otherwise you can experience side effects that affect your overall health.

Thus, to answer whether you need to choose condoms or birth control – the answer is up to the personal needs. Condoms reduce the chance of infection while the birth control pills can prevent you from pregnancy. Whichever method you use, make sure you have consulted with a specialist.