How to choose the best birth control pills for yourself

It’s never about birth control pills. The sexual revolution has made it easier (or confusing) when talking about which pill is suitable for your health condition. While the world has let women choose whether to get pregnant or not, it gets a little harder to pick the right birth control pills especially when there are so many choices.

Pills have a flexible feature that gives the freedom whether to take or not. There are brand names and generic – all of which have equivalent benefits for controlling pregnancy. Pills like Ortho Tri-Cyclen, Levlen, Mircette, and Alesse have different price tags and although all of them are under the birth control pill category, they have different active ingredients.

How they work

Pills are made to have the same functions as our hormones. It is a synthetic type that will ‘blend naturally inside your body. There are 2 types of pills.

Combination pill

Combination pills have 2 hormone types, progestin and estrogen. The drug can help prevent pregnancy by suppressing the ovulation so eggs will be in the ovaries. The second type is by making cervical mucus thick. This step makes the sperm hard to move around. The last type is by making the line uterus thin, thus making it hard to attach the egg. This combo is widely used because it has safety profiles that contain both progestin and estrogen. This typical pill can have 20 micrograms of estrogen up to 35 micrograms. There is a different amount of hormone with different pills.

birth control pills

The pills actually have features although no such brand has the effect of better skin or health. There is no need to use expensive names that could cost a fortune. You can consult your health care pharmacist for a generic type of pills. Some of the names include Yasmin, Yaz and Alesse.

There are benefits of combination pills such as clearing up acne and having less cramping during menstruation. Also it reduces the chance of endometrial cancer. The pills are not suitable for women with estrogen sensitivity. By lowering the dosage, it can work properly.

Mini pills

Women with migraines and aura should not take combination pills because they contain high estrogen and can increase the chance of getting a stroke.

Who should not take the combination pills
There are people with certain health conditions that should not take the pills. For instance, people with high blood pressure or migraines or who smoke.It is necessary to know the amount of estrogen contained or discuss it with your GP before you start to take the birth control pills.

If you just give birth, you should also avoid this type of pill.

Mini pills are the birth control pill type that contains progestin only. It can prevent pregnancy because it thins down the uterus lining and thickens the cervical mucus. Mini pills suppress the ovulation although this is not the actual function of the pills. These medicines are meant for women with estrogen sensitivity. Many doctors would encourage females to take this medication when they have problems with estrogen.

Some names in the market are Errin, Jovilette and Camila. It is a safe method for women who are breastfeeding. Also, it reduces the chance of getting heart attack especially if you are smoking.

Some women use creams and patches to relieve the menopause symptoms. They also use birth control pills that contain estrogen. Progestin is also a hormone replacement given in therapies. When a woman is lacking estrogen, this could lead to osteoporosis. This is why some people are prescribed combination pills.

Thus, when it comes to birth control pills, the choice is not just about the brand names but more of the functions and the health condition of the person. A proper dosage is necessary to avoid any side effects.