How to Correctly Stop Taking the Birth Control Pills by Looking on the Birth Control Online Sites

This is an article is all about “how to stop taking the birth control pill”.  This can be a difficult decision and there are many pros and cons to this one, so I thought I would look deeper into this one and find all the information you would need before you stop taking the pill.

After going online at the Birth Control Online site there is a lot of different tablet you can get and all of the have different side effects.

What different tablet you can get

There is a number of different birth control pills out their the best way to find out is if you go to the doctor’s and they will give you the best one for your needs, you can also look on the Birth Control Online sites they give you a lot of information about all of the tablets.

Lets start with the most common ones

  • Microgynon and Rigevidon
    These are the most commonly used tablets and they both contain the same ingredients, these are combined pills, which mean they have oestrogen and progesterone in them.
  • Yasmin
    Is another popular brand.
  • Cerazette
    Is a progesterone-only pill, this is also known as the mini pill, the reason why some women take this pill is because they are not medically suitable to take the pill which has oestrogen.
  • Loestrin
    This is a low dose pill, which means that you have to take a regular combined pill as well because they both have the ingredients you need to make them work.

To know more about these tablets go on the Birth Control Online and type in all the different names to see what the best one are for your.

Birth Control Pills

Different side effects

  • Microgynon and Rigevidon
    Their most common side effect for these tablets are nausea, breast tenderness, and headache, there are rare serious side but it does include raised stroke, blood pressure, blood clots in lungs and legs, and a low breast cancer risk.
  • Yasmin
    This one has the same results of side effects as the Microgyon, with this tablet it usually results in regular periods.
  • Cerazette
    With this tablet cause it is a mini pill, some women can suffer from irregular bleeding but over the months of taking this tablet it should clam down.
  • Loestrin 20
    This pill is the best option is you suffer from the side effect of the other tablets.

How to stop taking the pill?

How to stop taking the pill?

If you have been taking the pill for a long time there are several reasons for you to stop, for this you can look on the Birth Control Online site or talk to your doctors.

The main thing is when you stop taking the pill for your monthly period; this could be the best time to stop taking the pill for good.

When you stop taking it you will have to look out for the side effects off not taking them, I know it sounds weird but when your body has got used to the tablet and the ingredients in the tablets when you stop your whole body changes again.

You may get heavier periods and it is known for the cramps to get worst, the reason for this is that the pill has got progesterone and oestrogens in them, these ingredients helps your body from ovulating, this causes the pain and discomfort around the time of month.

It has been known that the third of the women who stop taking the pill lose weight and a rest might gain the weight there is many reasons for this like, hormones, diet or water retention.

Also if your boobs grew when you started taking the pill, which is known when you stop taking them, they might deflate a bit.

You will produce more discharge when you are not on the pills that are because the pill suppresses the body ability to ovulate.

The biggest complaint about taking the pill is the sex drive, when you are on the pill it stops the Libido from working at full speed and also the pill stops you from ovulating which effects the sex drive as well, so when you stop it all comes back.

The last one if you are like me you can get moody around the period time of the month, the pill helps reduce this so of course when you stop the moods might come back.