I have one drug to another birth control

Basic Rules

Some of the birth control pills like Levlen, Mircette, and Alesse are prone to side effects especially when you take other medication with them. For instance, the effectiveness may be decreased because of taking other medicines for metabolism. Skin patches and vaginal rings both have hormone combinations that may have certain reactions when taken with other medicines. Other pills such as Implan on and Depo Provera may also contain hormones that can cause specific interaction with other medicines.

There is a risk of health problems when taking medicines with your hormonal birth control. The combinations of chemical reactions may give you different results – they can either be weaker or stronger, or worse, cause high risk pregnancy – something that you don’t want. Some medicines may be alright to take with the pills. You should consult with an expert such as a pharmacist or doctor before you decide to combine the medication. They can make sure if your pills are not causing further issues with your health. Birth control pills can affect your body as you drink caffeine.

Many females take birth control pills with hormones such as rings or patches or pills. Some medications have been proven to decrease the effectiveness of birth control. In order not interfere with your medications here are some of the meds facts:


Antibiotics seldom make the pills less effective. Some antibiotics are meant for sore throats, acnes, or urinary infection – this is why some women use them with the pills. There is a heap of data that proves that antibiotics do not affect the work of birth control when taken together.

However, antibiotics may cause several reactions including diarrhea or vomiting. Thus, if you experience these you should ask your doctor to alter the dosage for you or you should stop taking the birth control and switch to condoms instead.

If you are treated for lung infection, antibiotics prescribed for you may have a high dose which later could affect the birth control pills. If you take rifampin, you need to have different options for birth control. Rifampin usually takes 9 months for the therapy; thus, it is advised to switch to other contraceptive methods. Once you decide to take patch or pill, you can always use condoms as backup.

Birth control pills

Epilepsy medicine and mood stabilizer

Women who take medicines to treat epilepsy such as Felbamate and Carbamazepine may have less effective birth control, causing an unplanned pregnancy.

Some medicines may also cause seizures or depression when taken together with birth control drugs. If a person has bipolar disorder, it is important to discuss the issue with your doctor. Don’t be discouraged as there are many great options to use.

HIV medicine

The medications to treat HIV may cause the birth control to have less effective results for your health. If you are taking any HIV medication, then it is important to have the options based on your doctor. One safe antiretroviral drug is Tenofovir.

birth control pills

The pills that mess with birth control

Scientists believe that combining birth control with any other drugs can have huge side effects. The medication process works together inside your body and it may take a while for the body to adapt – or not. Some medicines do speed up or slow down the process, making your body work far from normal. Some of the medications may cause the level of hormones to be disrupted at a serious level. This is why that some birth control pills may not get their job done.

There are still many drug options that will not affect your medications. Methods such as implants and shots are often used for birth control.