Information about Contraceptives – Especially This Popular Pill

Pregnancy cannot take place if ovulation (release of the egg) doesn’t occur, and it is this function in a woman’s body that Alesse prevents. Pregnancy will not be possible if sperm cannot REACH the particular egg should one be released from the ovary. Alesse helps make it more difficult for the sperm to access an egg by simply thickening the mucous lining in the cervix, making it difficult for the little ‘swimmer’ to travel further. At the same time, Alesse thins the particular uterine lining which, in the unlikely event of fertilization happening, helps make it difficult for any fertilized egg to implant and develop in a woman’s womb. Levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol are the active, generic ingredients found in Alesse.

Safety Measures to check out when taking Alesse

  • Use ‘back up’ (spermicide plus a condom) to start with if this is your first use of Alesse
  • Do not take Alesse if you are knowingly pregnant or think you may well be (e.g. you have missed two consecutive periods) Some birth defects have already been connected to birth contraceptives.
  • Do not use Alesse when you have recently had a baby and are currently breastfeeding (medications of the same can be passed on through your milk to your infant and may be harmful).Some females report a decrease in the actual production of breast milk.
  • Do not use Alesse when you have experienced any difficulties with high blood stress, blood clots, a cerebrovascular accident or suffer any issues with your circulation.
  • Do not use Alesse when you have liver disease of any sort, hormone-related cancer, or migraines.


Always talk with a doctor about your medical history if you should be wishing to take Alesse, and remember to tell him/her about ALL other non-prescription pills, such as vitamins, that you are currently using. Types of Birth Control Pills, health benefits of Birth Control Pills and other facts on site

What is the dose of Alesse?

  • You take one Alesse pill daily, preferably at the same time – irregularity in the taking of Alesse increases your threat of getting pregnant.
  • Always use Alesse based on the dose prescribed from your doctor and never bring it on yourself to alter this or take more without talking to him/her first! Slight bleeding initially isn’t any reason for undue concern. However, if the bleeding is heavy and other unwanted effects persist, especially after the first 3 months, you are required to talk to your doctor.


Regular monitoring with your doctor when using Alesse

As your body gets used to having a new medication, do not believe that you may not need to steadfastly keep up your regular appointments with your doctor. All changes in lifestyle can affect how our physique reacts, so be sensible and be aware of the differences between ‘normal’ and abnormal reactions that may be solely due to your medications. Especially those who may be due for surgery or even to undergo some tests, please allow the treating expert or maybe the doctor know you are taking Alesse even before you Buy Birth Control Online pills. You could find that you simply have to stop taking a mouth contraceptive for a little while just before or following a procedure.

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Allergy symptoms usually occur pretty quickly, so please get directly to a health care provider if you turn out to be one of the few women who cannot take Alesse. If you face the following, see your doctor quickly:

  • Confusion
  • Eye problems, severe headaches or severe migraines
  • Balance problems
  • Chest aches and pains, nausea, depression
  • Swelling in the feet, ankles along with hands
  • Minor unwanted effects that permit you to continue taking Alesse

You may or might not be affected by 1 or 2 of the outward symptoms below – everyone does respond differently to medications and has different tolerance levels when it comes to allergic reactions. Here are some reported unwanted effects, but don’t become alarmed and expect to have them. Remember, everybody is different.

  • Breast tenderness
  • Freckles, bloating, skin darkening,
  • Vomiting, abdominal cramps, mild nausea,
  • Weight changes, increased new hair growth
  • Genital itching
  • Edginess

Just like with all medications, speak to your doctor if you should be feeling worse each month or you simply cannot suffer a specific symptom any longer. And before you get to Buy Birth Control Online, make sure you have consulted your doctor.