Is it possible to suddenly stop taking birth control pills?

Sometimes the decision is already made and you want to stop taking birth control pills because of the inconvenience or the cost. After a long time plan and taking the pills, it is possible to stop taking them. Some pills like Yaz may be stopped immediately but there are certain things you need to know when you decide to toss them away.

The first and wisest way is to talk to your doctor. Regardless of the reason, the heavy conversation will help you be prepared for the consequences. Here are some of the effects when you decide to stop suddenly.

Cramps and heavy periods

PMS can be raging at times. This is clearly why some women use it. You can also bet that it will come back again even worse when you decide to stop taking the pills. The pills stop you from ovulating which is some women have discomfort.

Lose weight

When you stop taking birth control pills, there is a huge possibility that you will losesome weight. This is because the pills contain hormones. It can make you gain weight faster when you take them. Thus, once you decide to stop immediately, your body will return back to its normal weight.

Breast deflated

While it can make you lose weight, it can also deflate your breasts. The estrogen and progesterone contained in the pills are no longer working – making your breasts shrink back to normal size.

More discharge

The pill works by suppressing the ability for ovulation. This allows you to produce less vaginal secretion. Once you are off the pill, you will feel moister.

infographic the contraceptive pill

Improved sexual mood

Birth control pills may suppress the sex drive; when you decide to stop taking them, your sexual drive starts to increase. Some women may have lower moods when taking the pills because they don’t ovulate. Sometimes the vaginal dryness makes it uncomfortable to have sex – which eventually decreases the mood. However, when you stop suddenly, there is a huge chance of having high libido.

PMS symptoms getting worse

You should be prepared to get moody after stop taking the pills. It gets your mood swing even worse and it also comes with headache or food craves. It may come back again once the pill reaction is gone.

Acne breakouts

The downside that every woman fear the most is the acne breakouts. This is because when you take birth control, your hormone starts to balance and once you stop, the skin starts the breakout cycle again. The testosterone level goes down as you consume the pill regularly but then it starts to rise again once the pill is stopped being taken. When a woman has even worse condition on their acnes, they should see a doctor.

Getting pregnant

As you let go of the birth control, it probably takes some weeks before the medicine is out of your body system. But there is a huge possibility of getting pregnant especially if you don’t back it up with other protection like condoms. It bounces right away once you stop taking the pills. While the condition may vary, you may get pregnant right away.

There are many health issues that may occur once you stop taking birth control pills. It is also a condition where your body starts to adapt and there will be changes in hormones and the body’s system. Although you can stop taking the pills any time, let say, in the middle of your cycle, there are consequences you need to consider because your uterus gets to adapt with the pills but then gets confused as you stop it.