Knowing All About What Mircette Can Do for You

Sperm has a specific job to do, but so does Mircette – just like other options you may choose when you Buy Birth Control contraceptives, it’s taken by women as a method of preventing pregnancy. A mix of synthetic female testosterone (active ingredients ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel), it stops your egg from being released from your ovary. Therefore, sperm cannot do its job,’ i.e., fertilize an egg, when it can’t find one. For this particular medication, it may cause certain changes within your body, namely, it may affect the consistency in the mucous in your cervix by making it thicker and it may also affect the lining of your womb. Both of these jobs done by that pill in it and prevent the user from getting pregnant– and anger the hell out of those little swimmers.

The angrily swimming sperm must swim all through the cervical mucus in order to attain the egg for them to ‘get lucky’ and fertilize this. Here’s where Mircette foils them – through making the mucous heavier than normal, which really decreases those little swimmers, which makes it a huge task for any of them to also meet an egg in the unlikely case.

Ethinyl Estradiol and Desogestrel – so what can you tell me about these medicines?

Well, in terms of ALL birth contraceptives, Mircette included, you will find certain cases where they must not be used:

  • When you have recently had a baby or are pregnant
  • You ought not take these drugs when you have a history of stroke or body clotting or problems with high blood pressure.
  • You ought not take these drugs in the event that you suffer from any type of liver or kidney illness, or blood circulation problems as well as if you have any heart valve disorders.
  • In the event that you suffer from constant headaches, hormone cancer, abnormal vaginal bleeding or jaundice, you ought not take these medicines unless precisely prescribed to do this by your health practitioner.

Mircette birth control

When you begin using Mircette

It’s no big challenge, ladies, TO BE SURE you’re managing birth control successfully, right? SO… just at the start of a new pill trial, use additional birth control protection for a time, like a spermicide and any condom –a health care practitioner or hospital will advise what is best for an individual.

Just before taking a mouth contraceptive, tell your medical professional if:

  • You ARE pregnant now or you have missed your very last two periods and there is an opportunity you could pregnant, as birth contraceptives have been associated with birth defects.
  • You’re breastfeeding a new baby – medications go through breast milk, which enables it to adversely affect a baby. You could find that the doctor will allow you to resume taking a hormonal birth control pill after a certain time period.
  • You have any of the following conditions: heart disease, e.g. angina, high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure, epilepsy, as well as gallbladder problems. It’s possible that the doctor will assign an adjusted dosage for you personally and monitor an individual with regular tests during treatment so that you can continue to make use of Mircette as your selected method of birth control.

What is the greatest method to take Mircette?

Use Mircette based on your doctor’s prescription and don’t consume extra doses. This pack contains 28 birth control pills, but only 21 retain the ‘active’ ingredients – one out of the seven are there to keep you in a pill taking routine so that you do not forget. You should take the first pill on the first day of your period or on the very first Sunday after the period begins. You will most likely find that you get your period through the week that you’re taking the inactive pills.


Mircette is intended to be used once a day, but don’t let more than 24 hours goby when you take the next day’s pill – you increase the chance of getting pregnant in the event that you do that. Follow the packet’s instructions unless your medical professional has advised you to the contrary. Keep the pills at room temperature away from moisture and hot temperatures.