Pros and cons of birth control pills

Thinking about using birth control pills? Before you start taking your pills, it is necessary to conduct research on the specific product that you will use. Eighty percent of women have used birth control pills such as Levlen, Mircette, and Alesse. The pill has proven to stop pregnancy but also take control on menstruation. Here are the pros and cons of birth control pills that you should know:

The Cons

  • Birth control pills increase the risk of getting serious diseases
    When taking birth control without consulting with your physician, you could increase the chance of getting heart attack or blood clots and stroke. In fact, the increase can go triple than when not taking any. This also applies more for smokers. Many studies conducted also found that taking birth control pills can increase the chance of getting breast cancer.
  • PMS gets worse
    The birth control pills can affect pre-menstrual syndrome. Emotional symptoms like mood swings often get worse when you are taking birth control pills. They can even lead to depression.
  • Enjoyable sex
    Birth control pills allow you to have smooth sexual encounter without the need to stop to put on condoms. Hence, it makes for an enjoyable experience during sex foreplay.
  • Gain weight
    The birth control pills change hormones and can make you gain weight.
  • Low libido
    A quite common side effect of the pill is the decreasing mood in sex. People who use birth control pills tend to have lower sexual hormones.
  • Delayed normal cycle
    Once you stop usage, there is a possibility that the menstrual cycle is delayed.
  • Organ malfunction
    A regular dosage of birth control can cause kidney and liver failure. Also, some reports showed there is a correlation between birth control pills and adrenal dysfunction.
  • Irregular dosage means ineffective
    The fact that it influences the hormonal systems, birth control pills have to be taken at the exact same time every day.
  • Bone loss
    Taking birth control pills for more than 2 years can cause bone loss after stopping the medication. This is a great concern especially when the consumers are still teenagers. This could lead to the early bone loss.

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The Pros

  • Effective
    Birth control pills have effectiveness up to 80%. Studies have shown that birth control has been widely used by women to prevent pregnancy.
  • Promote regular menstruation cycle
    Did you know that the pills also promote better menstruation cycles? Women who use the pills are said to regulate their menstrual cycle better than before. It is a great medicine for those who tend to have irregular periods each month.
  • Reduce cramps
    Birth control pills actually relieve the cramps during menstruation. Whenever you have cramps in your period, birth control helps to reduce the painful feeling. It also lowers the risk of getting anemia.
  • Doesn’t contain estrogen
    Some birth pills do not contain estrogen, which some women can be allergic to. It’s recommended for those with the allergy to take a typical birth control pill that does not contain estrogen.
  • Prevent cysts
    If a woman has an ovarian cyst problem, the pills can help reduce the risk of getting recurrent ovarian cysts. It is also prescribed to treat endometriosis.
  • Reduce acnes
    Some formula of birth control pills helps to reduce acne. It may still be a rumor but some women have proven it reduces the blemishes from acne.

Things to note:

You must remember that birth control may not only be one pill. It can have many types and brands. The pros and cons are general facts found in over-the-counter birth control pills.