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In the modern days, there are hundreds or more cases everyday with couples anticipating pregnancy. The pregnancy could be wanted, much waited for, unexpected or sometimes unwanted too. It depends on the couple whether they would like to see a doctor regarding the pregnancy. But, most cases, they may not want to. For such couples, Birth Control Online is the doctor.

It is an easy and simple way to procure Birth Control Online as and when required. Also, pills can be ordered without prescription.

Why is pregnancy unwanted?

There could be several reasons why a pregnancy is unwanted. Pregnancy ultimately results in one of the toughest responsibilities of the world – bringing up a child. If the couple is not married, they might not even want to go for it straightforward. It might take quite some time for them to be mentally prepared for marriage itself in the first place. And, even for a married couple, if it is not planned, it comes as a shock. The couple must be mentally prepared for it. Also, they should be able to afford another member in to their family. So, they will not be able to take a step towards it. It is no more necessary to panic in such cases when there is a doubt of becoming pregnant. Birth Control Online is a very easy solution to avoiding pregnancy.

Tips to avoid pregnancy:

Unprotected sex always poses a threat of pregnancy. In order to avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is highly recommended that couples take some sort of a precaution before having sex. Here are some tips:

  • The first and foremost – Don’t have sex without a Condom! A condom helps in preventing pregnancy and also prevents transmission of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). It is proved to be typically 98% effective if used correctly and consistently.
  • Be careful while using your contraceptive pills. Do not miss out on a regular pill or overdose it.

Apart from these, Birth Control Online provides several pills for avoiding pregnancy. These can be used either before or after sex.

  1. Contraceptive Pills:
    There are different types of contraceptive pills. They are nothing but hormones that prevent the females from ovulating.
  2. Oral contraceptive pills:
    These pills contain a combination of the female hormones – oestrogen and progestin. Some of them are Seasonale, Seasonique etc which cause an extended cycle.
  3. Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs):
    These are pills to be used the morning after unprotected sex. As the name suggests, they should be used only in case of an emergency. They might have side effects if used regularly.

Unwanted pregnancy

Caution to be followed while choosing a pill:

Birth Control Online provides a wide variety of pills for different situations and with different compositions. It is always important that one chooses the right pill for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. Women who have a history of some infection should be more careful while choosing these pills. Using a pill which does not suit them may lead to severe side effects. So, one has to thoroughly read through the composition of the pill before using it and carefully decide upon using it.

Effectiveness of Birth Control Pills:

People usually have doubts like how efficient are Birth Control Pills? Is the possibility of prevention 100%? Etc. Well, each type of pill has its own effectiveness. For example,

  • Oral contraceptives are estimated to be over 95% effective.
  • Mini pills, which contain just oestrogen are said to be 95% effective in preventing pregnancy if used correctly and consistently.
  • It has been found that postinor brand ECP is 85% effective in avoiding pregnancy.
  • Other EC pills have an effectiveness of 75-89%.

These figures may be both encouraging and sometimes disheartening too. But, it all depends on which pill we choose, how we use them and when we use them. Also, before using these pills, it is very much important to discuss with one’s partner whether or not it is absolutely necessary.

Most importantly, one has to keep in mind that Prevention is always better than cure. It is better to have protected sex rather than having unprotected sex and worrying over an unwanted pregnancy. Use Birth Control Online to obtain the most suitable pills for preventing pregnancy and be safe.