Risk of Smoking during Birth Control Online Pill Intake

For women, birth control is often a one-sided responsibility, as by nature’s law, it is the women who bear the child. While the contraceptive methods have been developed for both partners, it is the female contraceptives that often overtake the male contraceptive methods. A male contraceptive pill is still a distant story, but is slowly catching the eye of the health experts.

Today’s modern woman has not only gone ahead in competing with her counterparts in positive aspects of life, but also in the negative aspects as well. Smoking today is a part of the modern social culture and women too have seamlessly fitted into this culture despite being fully aware of the health repercussions. With changing lifestyles, social and financial pressures on the new age couples, the working class women today themselves are open to taking Birth Control Online as against the traditional belief. What is more alarming are the risks associated among the women who also have adopted smoking in their lifestyles.

Smoking During Birth Control

Effects of Smoking During Birth Control

The female body constitution undergoes drastic variations during every stage of life. Beyond the age of 35 years, a woman’s body has reduced resistance power to smoking and if she is on birth control, it is best in her interest to quit.

The Birth Control Online pills not only affect the ovulation cycles of women, but also create hormonal imbalances, chemical changes and changes in menstrual patterns. As such, the process of artificially delaying child birth is against laws of nature; and the estrogen in the birth control pills does not go with nicotine in cigarettes.

Here are few effects of smoking on women when they are on Birth Control Online:-

  • Increased chances of stroke
  • Increases chances of blood clot
  • Heart Attack Risks
  • Decreased blood flow rate in the heart
  • Increased risk of cervical cancer

Warning Signs

When a woman deliberately continues both smoking and using contraceptive pills, it is essential to know when the warning signs show up. When a woman experiences these effects, it is time to know that you are approaching a dead end soon:-

  • Pain and cramp in the calf muscles
  • Frequent Migraines
  • Abdomen pain
  • Chest Pain
  • Dizziness

Birth Control

Quitting is worth a try

Of very few things that anyone can be proud of quitting, especially a woman, quitting smoking easily tops the list and is definitely possible with Birth Control Online – https://mybirthcontrolonline.com.  When it comes to taking responsibility of your life ahead, quitting smoking not only can reduce the health risks of the woman, but also the child which she eventually decides to be mother of. When you feel that quitting is difficult for you, try doing this for a change:-

  • Try to start with an anti nicotine gum such as Nicorette
  • Make a checklist of all those things that you can do with the money you save from smoking.
  • Make Yoga a part of your life. Deep breathing helps restore balance and rejuvenates life
  • Drink more water to release the toxins you have accumulated in your body in the past smoking years
  • If you think working alone does not motivate you, ask your partner to join you.
  • Adopt a healthy diet rich in low calories, lots of vitamins and proteins.
  • Develop on your hobbies you have long left behind.


When trying to be on birth control, it is essential to know oneself better. The more a woman is aware about her body, the more responsibly she can take corrective measures to prevent the effects of smoking. With increasing age, the complications in pregnancy also increase, as the woman’s decreased body resistance power and hormonal changes do not allow her to take the risks of a delayed pregnancy.

Being on contraceptives of Birth Control Online for a longer period along with smoking, especially over the age of 35 years increases the chances of pregnancy failures, and essentially, for smoking women, the complications can be even worse.

Quitting smoking is definitely possible; what it needs for a woman is to accept the positive changes that come to her life by not only quitting smoking for herself, but also for the child she will give birth tomorrow, and that reason is more than enough for a positive change.

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