Safe birth control using yasmin patch

Precautionary measures, like pills and patches, for avoiding unwanted pregnancies have always been there in the market. Almost all of them are effective and are safe to use. The birth control online recommends the use of yasmin patch for contraception, based on user feedback on ease of use and effectiveness. But the advice from your gynecologist holds the place of prime importance even before you think of administering any drug to yourself. The medical health practitioner will recommend any drug after going through your medical history.

Why to use Yasmin Patch?

Contraceptives help women defer pregnancy for a stipulated time, leaving them free to enjoy their lives to the fullest. But in a fast-paced life, some women may sometimes forget to take their pills in time, leading to pregnancy at an unwanted time. Unwanted pregnancy may force some to opt for abortions, a decision which puts them at a greater health risk. Therefore, these days, many women prefer yasmin patch as a contraceptive over other contraceptive methods commonly available in the offline and online market.

It is a better option for you if you have a very busy schedule. Just attach one of these thin contraceptive patches on the bare skin of a body part that does not rub during movements. You can go about your work and this contraceptive patch will do its work slowly and surely.

Yasmin patch

During a natural menstrual cycle, the levels of estrogen and progesterone produced by the woman’s body vary, causing the ovary to release an egg. After a sexual intercourse, the sperms released in the woman’s body fertilize the egg. The hormonal contents get absorbed into the blood through the skin and, like the other contraceptive pills, will override your natural menstrual cycle and prevent the release of the egg. Moreover, the density of cervical mucus increases which prevents the entry of sperms into the womb. Thus, it shields you effectively from any chance of untimely conception.

How to use contraceptive patch and their side effects you may watch on video:

A yasmin patch is the over-the-shelf name for a contraceptive patch which has a low dose mixture of two components: ethinyl estradiol (or synthetic estrogen) and drospirenone (or synthetic progesterone). These patches are medically tested and their effects are well documented. Though these work in a same manner like other contraceptives, but there are some advantages due to which it is now increasingly is becoming a favorite among women across the North America and Europe. Some of them are listed below:

  • Its effects seem to linger on for a comparatively longer period of time than other contraceptives, which means you are safe from unwanted pregnancy for some more time even if you discontinue (how to avoid unwanted pregnancy, read the article
  • It reduces blood loss during menstruation.
  • It reduces the chances of acne break-out, endometrial and uterine cancer, and ovarian cysts.
  • Unlike other contraceptives, its use does not lead to unwanted weight gain. And this is one of the most important reasons for its growing popularity among those who watch their weight as well.

Are there any side-effects?

The birth control online lists some of the side-effects of the yasmin patch that have been observed in a few cases:

  • Dark patches or melanin patches on the skin
  • Excessive water retention or edema in some body parts
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Reduced firmness of breasts
  • Unusual bleeding between two menstrual periods
  • In rare cases, blood clot formation may happen. The blood clots generally are non-fatal.

Unwanted pregnancy

Who should not use it?

The birth control online advises the following category of women against using the contraceptive patch:

  • Women with a history of stroke
  • Women who had had heart attack
  • Women with a past record of blood clots
  • Women with any form of cancer
  • Women with a history liver, kidney or adrenal problems
  • Women who are smoking
  • Women above the age of 35
  • Pregnant and nursing women

Whatever be the choice of the birth control method, the advice of an experienced medical health practitioner is paramount. They will be capable enough to assist and guide women to use any birth control method in a proper manner and after thorough investigation. This is help women in controlling unwanted pregnancies very effectively and without any untoward hassles.