Security of Health When Taking Birth Control

Yasmin, Ortho Tri-Cyclen

When deciding to take birth control, it is suggested that you follow the instruction from your doctor from the dosage and the schedule. If you take it anytime you won’t be experiencing its effectiveness. Birth control pills like Yasmin and Ortho Try Cyclen are attached with safety advice you need to follow (How To Use Yasmin). Choosing a birth control method among many other types may be difficult because a person may have different health conditions.

Here’s what you need to know:

– The options for birth control: If you consider taking birth control, there are options available for you:

  1. Barrier methods
    Barrier methods include condoms for males and females. It also includes cervical cap, diaphragm and contraceptive sponge.
  2. Hormonal methods
    Hormonal methods include implant, ring, injection and patch
  3. Intrauterine devices
    Intrauterine devices include hormonal devices
  4. Sterilization
    Sterilization includes vasectomy and tubal ligation
  5. Natural family planning
    Natural family planning includes mucus methods and basal body temperature

How do they work?

You need to consider choosing a method that suits you as there are many types of birth control that work differently from one to another. Here are some functions you need to know.

  • Damaging the sperm
  • Preventing sperm to attach tothe egg
  • Preventing ovulation to release egg each month
  • Making cervical mucus thick so it can’t be passed by sperm

oral contraceptives

The effectiveness

Contraception has to be correctly used and consistently taken. It has to be suitable for your health besides being comfortable using it – regardless of what you choose.

Depending on your goals

Contraception methods depend on the goals you like to achieve. It is suggested that you choose methods that are reversible. Barrier methods or oral contraceptives for example are great for those who want an easy way that can be stopped at a period of time. IUD is expensive but it is a medicine for quick return. Permanent method is suitable for those who don’t want to have children. With a different phase of health and condition, some contraceptives may work while some may not.

Video consists the facts about the anatomy of the reproductive system and effectiveness of birth control pills:

The cultural practices and religious beliefs

There are beliefs that consider birth control a violation. There are risks and benefits that you should consider when deciding to use birth control.

Convenience vs affordability

The ease of use may not be convenient for some people. Indeed, birth control varies and may disrupt sexual experiences. Some birth controls require no prescription and it’s great if you can choose the type you feel most comfortable. Contraception methods can either be expensive or cheap – you can also ask insurance whether the expenses are covered.


The side effects

The body may or may not tolerate the side effects related to certain methods. For instance, some methods like progesterone or estrogen may not be effective or even create a serious problem. It’s important to plan your method and consult with your doctor regarding your medical record. See pros and cons of birth control pills on

Does birth control protect against STD?

Condoms may protect a person from STD but are not 100% accurate. There are conditions that may cause the condom to break and transmit the disease to your partner. When using condoms, always prepare new ones and always be monogamous to avoid any sexual disease.

What are other benefits?

Using birth controls may have predictable menstrual cycles and the decrease of health risks like STD infections. Some even reduce the risk of getting cancer diseases. Depending on the choice you make – the benefits may be different from one method to another.

As you choose one birth control method, you should decide with your partner which method to use. It is also a great process to decide whether to use it permanently or temporarily. Many factors to be considered include the comfort and health you desire, which takes emotional maturity.

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