The Connection between Migraine and Mircette

A migraine is a very common word among women in their middle ages. It usually occurs just before or during the Menstrual period and so may be called Menstrual Migraine as well. Along with a severe headache, Migraine also has other characteristic symptoms to it. It occurs mostly in one-half of the brain, though sometimes, it may be in the entire head also. In general, it is a recurring, pinpointing sharp pain in the head, followed by other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound etc (What’s Happening During a Migraine). Migraine caused before or during the onset of the menstrual period in women can be attributed to the menstrual hormones. And these hormones are affected by Birth Control Online. So, in a way, birth control medication is related to a menstrual migraine.

Causes of Migraine:

A migraine may be caused due to several reasons such as

  • Hormonal Changes (in women)
  • Birth Control Pills (in women)
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Lack of Sleep or oversleeping
  • Food habits

To confirm whether a migraine is due to any of these reasons, it is recommended to use a Migraine Diary. Diagnosis of the reason for a migraine is almost as important as the treatment or prevention. So, once the cause is clear, treatment can be taken accordingly.


What should you do to reduce menstrual migraines?

For instant relief, any of the below could help:

  1. Apply an ice bag to your forehead
  2. Try doing some relaxation exercises which will relieve your mind of any stress
  3. Acupuncture also helps in relaxing the body and thus alleviates your migraine headache.
  4. Use of pain relievers also could help.

Migraine and Mircette:

It is believed that most birth control pills have several side effects including migraines, depression, and even strokes. But, this completely depends on the person and the pill. Birth Control Online provides several kinds of pills, among which we have to choose carefully depending our medical history and the nature of our body.

Women usually face a drop in hormones such as oestrogen during their periods. So, they experience several changes with regard to their normal behaviours. Birth Control pills effectively work on the female hormones. Some pills do cause mood swings, some reduce headaches while others might increase them.

One good option would be to use Mircette (Ethinyl estradiol and desogestrel). This pill is made up of a combination of female hormones that prevent the menstrual cycle (Ovulation and subsequent periods) from occurring. Studies show that Mircette doesn’t give any side effects. So, it is alright to use it.

In case the migraine attacks are frequent, it is better to prevent them rather than treat them after the pain starts. Reduction of menstrual periods is an effective way to reduce menstrual migraines. Mircette proves quite useful in such scenarios. Feel free to use Birth Control Online and find the right brand name Mircette –

But, some very important cautions are to be followed while using Mircette:

  • Do not take Mircette if you are or recently have been pregnant. Mircette
  • Do not use Mircette without consulting your doctor because any history of high blood pressure, heart stroke etc might put your life in danger while using Mircette.
  • Certain other medications are not to be used while using Mircette because they might be too dangerous when used together.
  • If there are any side effects, do consult your doctor but do not stop taking your pill at the same time as every day.

While using Mircette, one has to be careful about their migraines. Mircette is a birth control pill, but not one to reduce the Migraine. So, it reduces the number of menstrual periods, and thus the number of migraine episodes also reduces, thus reducing the suffering caused by them.

The type of a migraine also is very important to note – the Migraine with aura and the one without aura. Usually, in cases of a migraine with aura, the risk of stroke is higher compared to other cases. So, it is not recommended to use Mircette in those cases. For those migraines without aura, it is alright to use it without much concern. But, in case you find anything abnormal, it is always preferred to immediately consult your doctor. Stay alert, stay healthy.