What is a Birth Control Pill and how does it Work?

These are pills like Mircette and Alesse that have hormones in them. The role of these hormones is to prevent the release of the egg, for fertilization. These hormones also act in such a manner as to cause the mucus on the cervical lining to become thicker, which therefore makes it more difficult for the sperm to get access to the egg.

There are different ways for you to make sure that you do not get pregnant, and they all have varied results. Ideally, the only way for you to be 100% sure that you will not get pregnant is to abstain from sexual activity. If this is not possible, you can look into some of the other alternatives, but take note of the fact that this will not always be effective all the time.

There are different options available for you in the event that you are trying to avoid the prospect of getting pregnant. These are:

  • Withdrawal
  • Practicing safe sex through condom use
  • Abstinence
  • Using pills that control the hormones

Should I use withdrawal?

One of the most reckless ideas that couples use in terms of birth control is the withdrawal method. This is reckless because it places a lot of hope on the man to make sure that he does not ejaculate into the body of the woman. In this procedure, it is up to the man to make sure that before h ejaculates, he pulls out the penis from the partner’s vagina. However, this method has been faulted in the past by so many people, especially because of the fact that when the partners are carried away by the pleasure session, it becomes difficult to stay in control. When you consider other factors, the likelihood of not having semen go inside the body is virtually impossible.

How does contraception work?

Birth control pills

The use of birth control is not just something that is left to the women alone. This is a joint effort that is shared by both the man and the woman in the relationship. There are a lot of options available, it is up to the partners to sit down and determine the one that will best work for them.

Pills are often taken to prevent pregnancy, and in the event that you use them well, you will be able to benefit from the 99.9% rate of effectiveness. Therefore the challenge here is for you to make sure that you think about the pills or alternatives that will work best for you, and then from there you can figure out what you need to do.

In as much as the pills like Mircette and Alesse will stop you from getting pregnant, you need to realize that this is as far as it goes. These pills will not be able to keep you safe from HIV, the virus that is responsible for AIDS. However, when you are using condoms, you are better protected from not just HIV but from a lot of other STIs that you might encounter.

How does contraception work?

The contraceptives that are used often have in them some content of artificial estrogen and progestin. These hormones are made in such a way that they prevent the natural hormonal cycles in the body to take place, and as a result they keep the woman from getting pregnant.

There are a number of factors that conspire to prevent a pregnancy from taking place. The contraceptives on their part often keep the body from ovulating. An extended cycle pill is also another hormonal option that you can think about. One of the most common of these pills is called Seasonale. It has the same composition of hormones as is the case with birth control pills. However, the difference is that these hormones are instead taken in a longer cycle. As a result of using this option, the woman will experience a reduction from 13 periods in a year, to 4. As a result of this, when you are on this particular pill, your menstruation will only be happening once every season.

One of the most important things that you need to realize is that it would be best for you to stay in contact with your doctor throughout this when you are using pills like Mircette and Alesse, so that you have a lower risk to worry about.