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In case if you forgot or missed any birth control pills from the sequence you have them follow the following instructions. Undoubtedly it’ll lessen your worry. For further details simply search for Birth Control Online: https://mybirthcontrolonline.com.

If you missed one hormonal/active birth control pill or else if you commenced to have tablets one day late

Take a hormonal/birth control pill, immediately after you remembered about it and continue having it daily without a failure. Make it a habit then you will not forget it.

If you missed the pill just for a day you need not to worry about using any supplementary contraceptive protection like condoms. The emergency contraception pill (is also called “the morning after pill”) too is not required for a one day miss.

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Unplanned pregnancy

If you missed two or more hormonal/active birth control pills or else if you commenced to have tablets two/more days late

There are many things to be considered if you face this kind of a scenario.

  • Ingest two hormonal/active pills immediately once you remember about it and have it daily without any further failures. It’s very much essential to have two pills on the day that you remembered after 2 days miss. You can ingest one pill at the moment you remember and the other one on the usual time. But even if you have both at once also not an issue at all.
  • It’s highly recommended to use condoms when you feel doing sex with your partner if you do not want to enhance the risk of getting pregnant further. Once you continue taking pills for seven days after the miss then most probably you are at the safe side.
  • If you forgot to have the birth control pills in the 3rd week of the pills pack you must go on having hormonal/active pills from the current pack daily without any further misses. If all the hormonal pills are taken then throw away the pack and start a new pack from the next day. Otherwise it’s not no use of having seven inactive pills.
  • What you have to do if you miss the active pills in the 1st week and had insecure sex with your partner. For a maximum protection it’s recommended to use emergency contraception plus you need to have today’s active pill too.

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What if you forgot any non-hormonal/inactive pills?

Between birth control pill packs there are usually seven consecutive hormonal/active pill days but not more than that. In case if you miss non active pills simply destroy them and carry on as scheduled.

Menstrual cycle

Important facts about birth control pills

Unplanned pregnancy is a problem for most of the couples as the situation may cause many pathetic occurrences in their lives. With legally married couples this situation is somewhat bearable, but when it comes to unmarried couples yes it’ll be a disaster. Therefore being educated about birth control pills and its working procedure in its appropriate manner will be important especially for women.

Therefore before you go for a sex relationship it’s important to be careful and be aware about the impact of unprotected sex. If you cannot bothered about having pills regularly and in the correct procedure it’s better to go for alternative protective methods like using condoms.

Follow the instructions carefully which are given in the birth control pill packs. Without an adequate knowledge if you use them definitely you’ll be at a risk.

In the menstrual cycle there are normally 21 active or hormonal days and 7 inactive or non-hormonal days. As a woman you should be aware about your menstrual cycle than anyone else and take the pills appropriately in the appropriate order.

Missing a pill at the begging or at the end of the hormonal 21 days period, increases the possibility of getting pregnant. If you are not prepared at all to accept this situation consult your doctor immediately.

And finally, if you are hoping to use birth control pills it’s always recommended to consult a doctor and ask about the perfect brands of this pill.

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