When to start taking birth control

It is difficult to decide whether to start taking birth control today or tomorrow. But new studies have tested and shown different types of birth control can be started right away. When a woman starts birth control right away, it is less likely to become pregnant. It is also reported that they are more satisfied with the methods. It is safe to start patch, pill or ring and it is also effective.

Starting the combined method

It is advised to make appointment with your doctor before you start any birth control method. You should also be confirmed that your medical history is alright to have birth control.

Ortho Tri Cyclen is one of the birth control pills that may be right for you. Once you set up an appointment with your doctor, you can discuss your condition and be honest about your lifestyle and health. Your doctor can determine the best method for you.

Prescription Ortho Tri Cyclen

Getting start with Ortho Tri Cyclen is easy. You can ask a professional to prescribe it for you. You can also ask about the instruction – when to take and when you should start. Online pharmacy is a great way to start writing the prescription. Or, you can also find the nearest pharmacy store. If you have insurance, you can ask them to cover your prescription program. Always refill the prescription so you can have adequate pack for every month.

You need to take prescription on time every day. This is why it’s necessary to stock up some Ortho Tri Cyclen at home so you won’t miss any pill. You can also combine it with condom for back up method.Ortho Tri Cyclen

Getting started with the pills

Take one pill at a day and you can have a convenient time to remind yourself. You can also have a reminder on your cell phone because if you miss a schedule, there is a risk of getting pregnant. Also, there is also a huge risk of bleeding. These are the side effects that you need to consider before you forget to take your pill.

There are 2 choices to take:

You can start your pill after the first period or start the pill at the first day directly. So, it is either day 1 or Sunday start.

Sunday start

The first pack, active white pill, should be taken on Sunday, the day after your period is started. This is done even when you bleed. When your period starts on Sunday, you can start on the exact same day. You need to have backup plan – spermicide or condoms for instance. This is when you have a sexual encounter for the first week.

Birth Control

Start Day 1

You can take the active pill right after 24 hours you bleed. Day 1 method doesn’t need any back up birth control method. There are 28 of pills that include 7 of each white, light blue and dark blue – these are 21 active pills. You should take for 3 weeks.

You should not take Ortho Tri Cyclen if:

  • You think you are pregnant
  • You have heart attack history or blood clots
  • You have chest pains
  • You have suspected breast cancer or other cancer like cervical or uterus
  • You have liver tumor
  • You plan on having a surgery with serious case that needs bed rest.

Your healthcare can recommend you with safer method to take Ortho Tri Cyclen.


Some of the tips before you start taking Ortho Tri Cyclen

  • You cannot take it when breast feeding
  • You cannot take it when you have elevated cholesterol
  • You should consult it with a doctor when you have irregular menstruation cycle.
  • If you have other medicines to take, you should consider consulting with your health care. Some serious medicines such as to treat AIDs, Antibiotics or herbal supplement may have side effects when you take it with the birth control pills.